November 24, 2010


Why, I do declare. You sure are nice.

I think the vortex broke my RSS feed. Ever since that post, it’s been stuck there, failing to recognize that I have put up two new entries in the last four days. It’s like it has writer’s block, or something.

If you have no idea what any of that means and you are getting my new content, no problem, because either you come via Twitter or Facebook, or you just have a hunch whenever I have written something new: ignore everything I have just said and skip to the next paragraph. But if you are waiting on the FlitFlitter RSS feed (which I can’t even link to, because the latest status is that it does not even exist) to tell you that I have posted something new— wait, that means you’ll never see this, because you won’t have any idea that I put up new material. Oh, crackers. Let’s all skip to the next paragraph.

It’s been awhile since I put up a showcase of photos, and while Pep gave me the grand idea to start putting up the outtakes on my new Facebook fan page (which any of you can look at without even having a Facebook account), I am going to put up this gallery of Charleston, one of my new favorite cities. I would go so far as to say that I would like to move there, except that I still have a long road ahead of me, along which I might fall in love with many more cities, so I will tell you what I told one of my friends there: “I’m putting a bookmark on Charleston. But I’ve still got nine months ahead of me.”

To which she replied with dismay: “I know. That’s why the movies they want to be considered for the Academy Awards come out at the end of the year.”

But An Inconvenient Truth (you know, the Al Gore film) was released in May 2006 and it won 2007 Best Documentary Feature AND Best Documentary Song, making it the first documentary to win two Oscars. So, it could happen with Charleston, too. I mean, look at her; she’s a total belle:

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  1. SirenaSteve
    Nov 25 2010

    Happy Thanksgiving from the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River in Wisconsin. It is going to the the coldest Thanksgiving in 27 years… Ice blue sky and dusting of snow…

  2. Nov 25 2010

    i get the rss feed, and it does arrive, but sometimes two days after you’ve posted.

  3. Nov 25 2010

    p.s. happy thanksgiving!

  4. MIK
    Dec 7 2010

    Great photos of Charleston. Here’s hoping it can stay on the favorites list all the way through to the end.

  5. Eric
    Dec 7 2010

    Love the pics. I used to work around the corner from a lot of the ones you posted. I was on Gillon, a one block long cobble street right near the intersection of Broad and East Bay. Sorr y i missed you when you were in town.


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