April 29, 2011


It’s officially no longer Thursday anywhere else in the world

Throughout the 10,000 or so miles that I have traveled with Rennie, most of my hosts have fallen in love with him. And why wouldn’t they? He is a gorgeous, sweet, wonderful dog— the love of my life, really. But the truth is, when Rennie gets around certain other dogs, he has something of a Jekyll/Hyde personality that a few people have seen and while I have been working on it on my own for the last year that I have had him, it has reached a point recently that I need help from a professional. Join me on this week’s episode as I begin the search to nip it in the bud, once and for all.

Oh, and listen for Rennie doing his patented ear shake during closing credits.

Music for this podcast has been provided by Mevio’s Music Alley, featuring Bett Butler, Bluesman Tom Malafarina and Man Bites Dog.

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  1. Laura
    Apr 29 2011

    When I trained Lu with William at Taurus, we used a shock collar (not sure if it’s the same deal or not) for her off-leash training. It was effective. I hope it works for you, I know this is causing you much consternation. And let us borrow it for Hendrix once you’re done! 🙂

    • Apr 30 2011

      Oh, Laura, that gives me such relief. As drawn to the collar as I am, I am also still quite torn. Maybe Rennie and Hendrix will meet one day after all : )


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