August 3, 2011


I guess the cat has my tongue. Or something like that.

Do you have something to say for yourself?

What can I say? It started with a tour of Pixar and a beer bash on the company’s front lawn. It turned into a weekend of lounging on sofas and playing games invented on the spot and eating wonderful, home-cooked food and taking walks with Rennie in fresh, cool air, and feeling like I could stick around a lot longer. But I didn’t. So here I am, a few hours north of it all. Except I’m not. I’m not here at all, because I’m pretty sure I never left Oakland.

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  1. SirenaSteve
    Aug 4 2011

    Sorry we missed being there together by only a week…

  2. Sep 14 2015

    I actually eoyejnd this book. I picked it up because a friend of mine brought a stack of books over and this just happened to be the first I read. I oddly enough liked the ending because it allowed me to choose what she does. I am one that doesn’t really care for happy endings but in this book I wasn’t sure there really was a not so happy ending or at least it didn’t seem to fit. If she were to have gone ahead and committed suicide she would have had the eternity of no longer being bullied and serenity. If she had chosen to stay I imagine that she would still be bullied but she would have Emily and Santana. I eoyejnd the character of Santana (just putting that out there) and I found Emily’s character to be a mirror of Daelyn but more optimistic in a way. Had she committed suicide I imagine that her parents would have been upset, Santana would have died and Emily would’ve became suicidal or really mean and rough. I also imagine that if she stays then almost everything has a happy ending. Except of course I would wish Taylor to get squished by a rock but survive so that she could live in pain and have scars and get the same treatment as Daelyn did (karma) and there is where the unhappy ending to me is which makes me happpy.


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