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Early signs of trouble

Roxanne the bed-wetter & other crazy tales

My dad was the first one to play an April Fools joke this morning and it was so unexpected from him, that it made him, my mom and me practically roll around on the floor laughing for, like, five minutes. I mean, it was funny but not that funny. Basically, he pretended there was a huge spider behind my mom and when she flipped out, he reminded her what the date was. Then he was on a roll, so he said that I should write a special April 1 blog entry and string people along, and I said that I did not have to do that, because my truth was far stranger than fiction. But I only said that, because I was home again, having only been able to stay away for about six days, which in and of itself was kind of funny. It was still early in the day, though, so things had not taken a total turn for the crazy yet.

Time out. Those of you who are not following the Flit Flitter fan page are probably totally lost right now. “You’re home again?” you might be asking, because last you heard, I was finishing up my Atlanta visits and then I was going to begin my big push West to Vancouver. That was all supposed to start today, by the way. Ha. As if I didn’t have a small, tiny doubt in the back of my mind that it was going to get thwarted somehow. Read moreRead more

The Bubbly

Did you ever hear that one about the wine tasting?

Sorry, y’all. Another rerun. But here’s how I see it: I already released a new video this week, so that satisfies my weekly multimedia quotient (that I just invented for my convenience). Plus, you’re probably too busy to hear a new podcast every week anyhow, so I am putting one out, as expected on Thursdays, but it’s one that some of you have sort of already heard: the second one I ever did about the wine tasting but minus music by Outkast and The Beatles and other big names who would likely be very unhappy (or their labels, at least, would be unhappy) if they found out I was using their music without asking (or paying). Just to be clear: that has not happened. But since these podcasts are going to iTunes, I do not want to even risk getting in trouble. Read moreRead more


Even dogs need sick days

I pretty much let Rennie take the reins on our walk this morning. And while I am still not sure what sets one blade of grass apart from another seemingly identical one, apparently there is a difference, because he passed about a bazillion of them, before settling on a few to munch. Rinse. Repeat.

It was a good practice in giving up control, though: letting my dog lead me around the neighborhood like that. I also got to see a few new things that I never would have seen if we had stuck to the usual route, such as a falling cascade of pale pink petals as they drifted off the branches of a blooming cherry blossom tree. And while I had to step in on a few occasions and pull him back, such as any time he wanted to just wander across a busy road, or when he wanted to go into an attorney’s office (I still don’t know that was all about), it was pretty much Rennie who got us out the door and then back home again. For the most part, I just followed his course, noticing when he lifted his nose to smell something in particular in the air, usually food, sometimes another dog; smiling to see him put a pep in his step at the sound of Johnny Cash blasting from someone’s house; stopping whenever he wanted to stop, including a few rolls on people’s lawns, and laughing when he tried to make himself at home on the outdoor patio of a frozen yogurt place. Here’s an interesting bit of trivia: we covered about half of our usual mileage and it took the same amount of time. But the truth is, there was probably a reason behind that.

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Not a mojito

Wow. I guess I needed that trip.

In case you missed my tweet, my Facebook fan page and/or we’re not Facebook friends, I made it home from Mexico just fine. I got back to Athens last night at about midnight after catching a boat, a van, a bus, a plane and another van, all of which took 10 hours. But it was totally worth it, of course, because the actual paperwork part of the trip was over in a day and then I had six more to just hang out and be social. I’ll try to tell you about it tomorrow in my podcast but I am not sure what a good job I am going to do, because it’s currently 11 hours of raw footage and, well, I guess I’m a little daunted by the editing process that I have not yet even begun.

In the meantime, here’s a little Before & After from the trip. The earrings are the same in both images— you know, in the name of science. Everything else is different. Read moreRead more


Because I don’t have a gazillion dollars to pay the record labels

I know. It’s a podcast re-run already and I’ve only ever done six episodes. But I’m in Mexico doing paperwork and I have not had time to tape and edit a new episode, and so I am using the chance to release the first-ever Flit Flitter podcast again, this time with podcast-safe music. That is: music that will not get me in trouble with record labels, because I don’t own the rights. So, if you have not yet heard this episode, now’s as good a time as any to get started and if you have heard it, well, you might like to hear it again with the new music.


Channeling Georgia O’Keeffe & Bill Bryson

For the past several mornings, my eyes have popped open at a few minutes till 5, no alarm clock needed, and Rennie, normally the Saturday-sleep-in-teenager, has started wandering out at a little past 7, making his let’s-go-out-now beeping noises and following me everywhere until I feed him. He used to eat at 8:30.

There’s no doubt about it. Spring has arrived and whether or not it sticks around, frost-free, remains to be seen but in the meantime, every bird, bee and blossom seems to think it will. I was in the kitchen yesterday when my dad asked if I had seen the Star Magnolia he planted in my name last year. I actually tweeted about it, when he did it, because he did not identify the plant by its distinguished name; rather, he told me that he had planted a shrub for me and well, I don’t know about you but the word shrubbery or any derivation of that makes me laugh and so to have someone tell you that they planted a shrub in your name is both heartwarming and hilarious. But then Twitter got all buggy and started publishing each of my tweets two, sometimes five times, and so I tried to delete the extra tweets but in doing so, I was actually deleting the original tweets themselves, that shrubbery tweet included, which made me really sad, because it meant I had permanently discarded about 80 tweets and all Twitter could do was say Sorry.

But back to that shrub of mine. I actually got to go outside and admire it in person. That never would have happened, if I had not gotten stuck here for three months (to the day on this Thursday). I would have just seen a picture of the blooms that my dad would have maybe e-mailed me. He plants things in honor of all loved ones, late and living, by the way, so I have been virtually watching the garden grow now for the last decade that I have not been home. Thus, to suddenly realize that I was here to actually see it as it makes daily transformations was a big deal.


It’s one of my favorite topics. I am endlessly fascinated by how much we humans plan things, how we are forever living with this delusional idea that we actually have any organized control over things, how we think that just because we have written it in our calendar books, it will happen, and then how we totally and completely freak out when it doesn’t. I almost had one of those moments yesterday. Read moreRead more