August 7, 2011


California’s been good to me; hope it don’t fall into the sea

Enchanted Land

Crossing the state border into Oregon was almost painful. I watched the sign approaching on my right and I knew that I was driving my last few feet inside of California and I promise to you: I winced. Here is an ode then to those 24 hours before that moment, when I was still cruising up Coastal Hwy 1.

Oh, but first: brownie points if you know where the title of this post comes from.

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  1. Cayce
    Aug 7 2011

    Oh Margaret, thanks for the giggles this morning! I LOVE California. Love your pictures too.

    • Aug 9 2011

      I am assuming you were giggling at Rennie : )

  2. Momminerd
    Aug 7 2011

    Tom Petty.

  3. Sara
    Aug 7 2011

    I would wince, too, to leave such beautiful scenery! Gorgeous pictures. I can’t wait to go visit California myself some day.

  4. Aug 8 2011

    I love California so much. Especially the laid back central Cali and Highway 1. I also love that pic of Renny in front of the big dog mural. Classic!!!

  5. Leah
    Aug 14 2011

    This is making me REALLY excited for our highway 1 drive, just under 2 weeks away!

    • Aug 14 2011

      Oh, and how you are going to love your trip. I am so excited for you! Especially since I am in Seattle now, your future home, which I just adore. What a great city you’ve chosen.


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