Note No. 8

March 22, 2008

I have been a very bad Facebooker. I have not posted any pictures in weeks, nor have I written any Notes. There are unanswered Wall postings. My status stayed the same for days and I never even made it to Cancún to buy the fans.

I mean.

Here I am, though, just back from the beach and wondering if I will be going out tonight. I went out last night. It was a friend’s 50th birthday. Tonight is a 30th birthday, though the guest of honor may be too hung over to celebrate, hence the pending item of whether or not I am going out.

There is a new warm body in my house: a 10-ish pound dog named Rubi. She is adorable and loving and tonight is her last night here. I was looking after her for a friend, who had to go back to the States for a few months. Unfortunately, I am not up for the responsibility at the moment, so I am enacting Plan B: take her to the resident dog rescuer in town. She originally saved Rubi from the street, so they know each other already. She will have other dogs to play with and an outdoor space to use the bathroom as often as she likes. I think it’ll be better for everyone.

Still no visa. I am trying not to think about it.

My dad is coming on Wednesday. Definitely thinking about that. I am looking forward to the company and the advice and the handiwork and the hugs.

No other news to report. Looks like Monday is my big fan shopping day. We’ll see how hard it is to get three back on the boat. I am hoping my cabbie Victor will be around on the mainland to schlep me and my things from shop to ferry terminal.

Happy Easter!

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