Note No. 7

March 6, 2008

Still no visa. My expeditor has recovered from her dengue but now, the immigration officer in charge of my paperwork is not making appointments for people to get fingerprinted.

At least I cannot claim it’s just the foreigners who have to deal with such processes or lack thereof. The delivery guy who brings me my water is named Jimmy but his name tag says LLimy, because his employer got the name wrong and now it would be a matter of going into the system and changing everything if he wanted it right, so he has left it the way it is.

Housekeeping is finally solved for the moment. I had a hell of a time finding someone to actually come and to come when I needed them. She has been here every day since I hired her, though, and she is a fantastic worker.

I have been painting with highly toxic paint all morning and now I need to go put on a final coat before I can take a well-deserved shower. I just figured I had better pop on this page and give everyone a little shout-out, before people started to accuse me of not caring about them. I promise to post some pictures soon. I just keep getting delayed by other things, like shopping for step ladders and making inventory sheets for all the rooms.

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