Note No. 65

April 24, 2010

I have been getting a lot of attention from dogs lately. They seem to cozy up to me more often at friends’ houses and even randomly on the street, they just follow me for a few blocks. Perhaps the word has gotten out that I am looking for one to adopt.

My sister, who is right about most things, said she thought I needed one for my journey that will begin this summer. At first, I did not like the idea. Too much trouble, I thought. It will complicate everything. Then I talked to a few more dog lovers and they agreed that a canine companion would make my journey less lonely and a lot safer. So I started exploring the issue and realized that like anything in life, something is possible if you want it to be possible, and that if I wanted to have a dog with me, the rest of the details would work themselves out, because I would make them work themselves out. As long as I am walking it in the mornings and making sure it has a way to use the bathroom during the day and feeding it in the evenings, and giving it lots of love and attention in the between time, the rest will fall into place.

Once I decided to accept the responsibility for a sidekick, I decided he or she must come from the island. Even though it will add drama and expense to the equation to fly it home with me, it’s hard to think about getting a dog from anywhere else, because there are SO MANY homeless ones here and on a four-and-a-half-mile-by-one-mile piece of land, it’s pretty hard to pretend you don’t see the problem. Plus, I like the idea that a part of the island will still be with me, protecting me in the same way that this rock has done for two years.

I got in touch with Alison, who runs the local dog shelter with her husband, Jeff, and a host of other helpers. She said to come on by to meet the 20-odd little guys who are living there now, and that there was one in particular that she wanted me to meet. That was when I thought I wanted an adult dog.

Then I met this puppy, who absolutely melted my heart. He is not going to be too big and he is calm and loving and handsome and soft—all good qualities for a dog on the go, because while it might seem superficial that I am valuing those qualities in an animal that I am supposed to love unconditionally, consider that I am not the only one who has to accept him. I will be imposing myself on people in their homes and people who don’t like dogs often don’t like them because they think they are messy, so the cleaner and the less hyperactive my pooch, the better off we both will be, because last time I checked, I was not FB friends with this guy.

In other words, I have faith you guys will like my little buddy. And if you don’t, I might have to join this page.

A few friends here have met him already though, and while not everyone entirely approves, I think the general consensus is that I have found the man for the job—and long beyond. But so as not to jinx it, I will save further details for when I actually have him home in Georgia with me. That’s when I will be writing about my tales of training him and though I will try really, really hard to refrain from creating an entire tab just for my dog on my blog, the important word in that sentence is try, because I am not promising anything just yet.

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