Note No. 6

February 21, 2008

My expeditor has dengue fever. Dengue fever! Can you believe it? I don’t know how that will affect my visa process, whether it will slow it down at all. I do know that I want my papers. Now.
Other news: We are booked full tonight. I just checked in the second room of the day. The third one makes me nervous. It’s a couple on their honeymoon. I put a little double tequila shot in their freezer. I hope it makes them happy.

Life is otherwise going well. I am used to taking two showers a day. I expect that will increase come June. My experiment using the tap to brush my teeth is going well: no parasites yet. I will still have my drinking water delivered in huge 20 liter containers, though, and the delivery boy is getting more and more flirtatious each day. He keeps telling me he’s watching me, what with my sis gone and all. I keep telling him lights out at 11.

Another lad was courting me for awhile but it got no further than the standard cheek kiss greeting when he called me drunk 12 times one night, then showed up wasted to take me on a date at 7am on a Sunday. Really.

I am looking at a dryer, still in its box in my kitchen. It came yesterday. It will apparently be installed today. It was made in Canada and it will make my life easier— as well as the hotel’s cheaper. This laundry service deal is a pain to organize and quite an expense.

I’m tired. I am going to lie down a few minutes. I was running around all morning and I would like to do some gardening later, when it cools off.

Oh, did anyone see the lunar eclipse last night? It was splendid.

I’ll post more pics soon.

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