Note No. 58

March 25, 2010

My life is slightly consumed right now by this cross-country trip I am going to undertake later this year—well, that and the Great Hot Shower Project of 2009-2010.

I will not even go into detail on the latter. Just know that we started thinking about improving water pressure and extending hot water supplies at the hotel—oh, a year ago? And every time we started to get serious about it, some other pressing problem arose, such as angry neighbors stomping their miniature boots at me. Only about two weeks ago did we finally get to the point that we could actually undertake this undertaking. And now, it has been the installation from hell.

Leaking valves, leaking pipes, leaking water tanks, leaking everything. All I know is that at one point, it seemed that every time I left the house and came back again, there was water pouring off the roof and the guests had no electricity. It was like a Mini Apocalypse every few days. Tuesday I refused to go anywhere. I went out for about half an hour to get a fruit shake and do some grocery shopping. Then I invited friends to my house for dinner and Yahtzee. I was not leaving the compound for fear that the resident ghost was telling me in a very passive aggressive manner that she wanted me home, being more domestic.

I guess it worked. I put on an apron and nothing went wrong all day. Then I spent half the day in Cancun yesterday and when I got in last night, breath held for fear that the guests would be paddling down the street in canoes to go to dinner, everything appeared to be in working order.

So today is the big day when we supposedly surpass all obstacles and get the new pump working. There might even be time to hook up the huge new water heater that I bought last night.

Laugh. That was a joke.

Anyhow, when the pump IS up and running and the new hot water IS connected, I’ll have to open my shower to the neighborhood and charge admission to use it. It’s going to be so, so good. The two minutes that I saw it working on Saturday night were glorious. In fact, I should probably reinforce my skin before I bathe. Otherwise it’ll get blown right off. But I said I was not going to go into detail on the GHSP; didn’t I?

About this trip then: I know I am being stingy on specifics but I don’t like to talk about things too much when they are still in the planning stages. If I see you on the street then yes, I will pick your brain about it, such as: should I be learning HTML to be able to use a more customized Web theme and a Web host other than WordPress? Or should I just suck it up and use one of the ugly WordPress themes for the sake of not having to worry about one more logistic? I know there is a moderate solution in there. I just can’t find it.

But in the meantime, I will continue to work behind the scenes here, figuring out the handling of this beast—and well, writing fewer Notes. That is just temporary, though, because once I get it all solved and ready to share, there’ll be no stopping me. In fact, you’re probably going to want to me to shut up already. Especially when I am reporting live from inside your house.

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