Note No. 46

January 23, 2010

I can’t write at the moment. I keep thinking about it but I am in this absorbing mood. I keep absorbing and absorbing and absorbing and I thought I would have stopped by now, because even sponges stop taking in at water at some point, but that has not happened yet, so I must be one of those extra grande sponges— the kind you wash your car with.

I make it sound like a good thing. It’s not. It just means I am scattered and taking it all in and not putting anything out. I wish I could focus on something to say but it’s that whole iced mocha thing all over again, so I guess I will just let it be for the moment.

The hot water pressure issues have been resolved for now. My dad’s come and gone. This afternoon’s arrival got cancelled. I have a friend in from Barcelona. He’s at the beach right now.

And I’m going to join him.

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