Note No. 44

January 12, 2010

If I gave my Notes titles, I would call this one: This will be me one day. Here we go then: snippets from a conversation between my parents on Skype.

On the cold snap that the island has been experiencing

MY DAD: I gave my sweater to a woman on the ferry.
MY MOM: You gave her your sweater? Which one? The turquoise blue one?
MY DAD: Yes.
MY MOM: Peeeeeeeter. That was, like, my FAVORITE sweater!
MY DAD: No. I didn’t give it to her. I loaned it to her to wear.

On e-mailing

MY MOM: So you sent me this document that was incomprehensible and then you said “I’ll probably be going to the class at 10am.”
MY DAD: The class?
MY MOM: You said the “the class” and I had no idea what you were talking about.
ME (from the other side of the room): “The mass.” I think he meant “mass”
MY DAD: Oh, yeah. I meant “mass.” I said “class?”
MY MOM: Yes, you said “class.”

Back to that document he sent her

MY MOM: I didn’t open it; don’t worry. It made no sense.
MY DAD: Okay, well, remember at the end of Season 3 (of Mad Men), they [spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler]?
MY MOM: Don’t give it away. Margaret’s in the room.
MY DAD: Oh, that’s right.

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