Note No. 4

January 30, 2008

Monday came and went. So did Tuesday, yet we have nothing to show for it, really — in terms of additional steps in the 25-step paperwork trail, that is.

Things are a bit topsy turvy now with Carnaval; no one seems to think work is important. Never mind that they are all celebrating the holiday seven days early because the weekend of the actual holiday, when the rest of the world will be dressing up like butterflies and eating and imbibing to hold them for the next 40 days, falls on Election Sunday.

That’s OK. We’ll be holding our own private celebration then — and not because we’ll be thinking of Mardi Gras. No; we’ll be rejoicing that come Monday, no more golf carts will be driving around every 10 minutes with passenger size speakers mounted to the sides and back, blasting the same two campaign songs over and over, the reverb crackling the lyrics to sound like a radio caught between two stations.

What’s on tap today then, now that the island considers it to be Ash Wednesday and thus a fit day to show up at the office? Well, we need to go bust some cojones about getting this thing they call a boleta so that we can finally put the water bill in Chris’s name, which will then allow him to get his very own discount ferry pass when he comes down for his next visit. It’s not that this will put us any closer to having a business license. No; it will just make us feel like we are accomplishing something in a land where every move you make depends on the move someone bureaucrat is making — or not making.

With that, I am going to go put in a request to take a walk. With any luck, it’ll be approved within the next 10 to 15 days.

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