Note No. 2

January 17, 2008

Bureaucracy is still alive and well here. What began as a three item list to get things going here quickly turned into a 17 item list, which yesterday escalated to a 21 or so item list, all of which we need to accomplish before Hillary leaves Feb. 8 and I am here running the show alone.

Worst case scenario: Chris will come down and the two of them will give me power of attorney to finish it all alone. Really, though! If the real estate office had done its job, none of this would be as much of an issue.

Today we have two very important meetings in Cancun that might make all of this easier. Either way, by the end of this fiasco, my Spanish vocabulary will include a lot of legalese and I will be able to open a business like a can of Pringles. Hils and I have already talked about how we see the opportunity to create some sort of guide for gringos because at the moment, we’re sailing on a very large ocean with a broken mast and there’s an empty horizon on all sides. We may have a crackly radio that occasionally works; I’m not sure.

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