Note No. 11

December 6, 2008

Jesus. So, June 28 was really my last note? Really? I thought about writing another one at some point between then and now but it was going to be too depressing, so I figured I’d just slip through a few months, undocumented, and hope no one said anything. Done. Now I figure I should write something before it’s summer again and all I’m talking about again is my visa.

What to say then? Well, it’s almost been 11 months exactly on this island and things are fine. Everything’s fine. The friends I have made, for one, are certainly reason to feel at home and then I’d be a total grinch if I didn’t acknowledge the stunning beauty of the place. I’m still not crazy about the lack of cultural stimulation and the dearth of terrain. I do miss stomping around the big city.

I guess there’s other things to tromp on, though, such as ruins. Last month, my mom and sis and brother-in-law and I got off the rock for a few days, while my dad stayed behind and bribed the painters not to drip on the floors. (For not speaking Spanish, he sure has learned the language of the locals quickly.) We went to Chichen Itza, which was every bit as impressive as it should be, and Ek Balam, a relative newcomer to the Mayan archaeological sites but very worth seeing for its well-preserved frescoes and accessibility, thanks to its less-frequented status on the tour bus routes.

Now it’s just me again. The fam’s gone home, after spending one of the best Thanksgivings ever with a group of friends and I. High season is about to begin. I think I’m ready. The pool is finished (the Web site will have pictures soon); the window screens have been replaced and fixed; the paint has been redone, so it’s not falling off the building anymore; and my health has returned, I do believe.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost the end of the year, though. Other than the fact that the last months have flown by, it’s about 70 degrees and sunny outside. Meanwhile, a huge Christmas tree in the main plaza says it is definitely December, which means, I suppose, that it’s time to start thinking about the new year and resolutions and all that. I’ve got a few already: get back into reading the paper and other intellectual news sources; study German so that I don’t sound like a 2 year-old next time I talk to my uncle on Skype (no, I’m not speaking from my experience this morning); stop making the Goerig grimace when I’m concentrating; download a new album a month; get off the island at least every six weeks; stay up late once in awhile; get back into writing thank-you notes; visit Spain next June.

And with that, I leave you— hopefully not for another five months.

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