Before the trip…

Once upon a time not so long ago, I lived on a tiny island in Mexico— and documented it in this series of 76 posts on Facebook:

The Notes

Then I stopped writing on Facebook and started this blog when I turned 30. I was still in Mexico but it was my second time there and I was not supposed to be there anymore. I had already moved off the island and spent six weeks at home in Georgia planning my next big adventure, The Facebook Project, so the first entry on this blog was supposed to be about me driving around the United States and Canada. Instead, it was about how I was still in Mexico, trying not to stress out about the fact that I was stuck, waiting for the government to finish the paperwork that would allow me to leave the country.

In all, there were a total of five entries:

Biding time in Mexico

  1. critt decristofor
    Jun 20 2010

    I will live vicariously through you Margaret ! Please come to the Northeast. I will bring you to the most dangerous city in the country. Come one… that would be awesome writing… and I can feed you well… I can’t wait to see you…

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