First time here?

On Aug. 16, 2010, I set out from Athens, Ga., in my 1977 Toyota camper, Roxanne, with my dog, Rennie. You can see all three of us in the picture just to the right. I’m the one in the middle.

The goal was to visit as many Facebook friends as I could in a year, traveling throughout the U.S and Canada, and blogging about it on this website, but that was pretty much as far as I had planned; the rest was just going to have to happen. And so far, it has done just that. I’ve gotten stuck on mountains, paddled across lakes, driven shrimp boats, marched in rallies, slept in Walmart parking lots— hell, I even started a brush fire once.

If you’re just now joining the adventure, you can read about all of it, from my very first blog post to my most recent one, by clicking here. If you’re more of a CliffsNotes kind of person, though, that’s cool. Here’s a map of where I we’ve gone so far and hey, let’s just look at a few key highlights from what’s happened along the way:

First, I had to get out of Mexico, where I was living before this trip.
Then I had to find my steed and get her ready for the road.
People had lots of questions about what I was doing.
Finally, it was the night before my departure.
My first stop
was in Chattanooga, Tenn.
In Lake Orion, Mich., I learned first-hand what dragon boat racing is all about.
I crashed a birthday party in Vermont.
I was pleasantly surprised in Buffalo, NY.
I went all the way up to
Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I thought I could; I thought I could … I couldn’t in New Hampshire.
I fell in love with Charleston, SC.
I made it back to Georgia again.
Rennie ate some furniture foam and had to recover.
Then we got waylaid even more with car troubles.
But we made some new friends and I learned how to podcast.
I also found out that I had to go back to Mexico again.
Then we finally, finally, finally hit the road again.
False alarm. Back to the vortex for a few more nights.
Then we left again, this time for real, and we went West and had some cool adventures, like shrimping.
And then my wheels flew off in South Texas and we nearly died.
After about three weeks of listlessly listing in Austin, my sister found a car for me in Atlanta and I flew East to get it.
And thus commenced my trip again.
I named my new vehicle Marco.
Then I got back to Austin, hugged Rennie and almost immediately had to return to Mexico to do more paperwork, which is when I decided to go on hiatus for a little while.
But as soon as I finished my paperwork in Mexico and got back to the States, I hit the road again.

And then it was Aug. 16, 2011 and while I did consider extending the project to account for all the unexpected delays I had encountered along the way, I decided to end it after all, as originally planned.

What’s next? Well, a book, of course. Isn’t that what they all do these days? Just have to find an agent now … Five years later, that still hasn’t happened but here’s my portfolio in the meantime.