August 14, 2011


A week in photos

In the end, I stayed at Aman & Stephanie’s for five nights, breaking my three-night rule for maybe the eighth time this trip. It made for good hanging out, though, and I had not seen them since we met up briefly in New York City, because they happened to be visiting when I was there and one night, when I suddenly had nowhere to go, they had me over to their Hotel Chelsea room and we had a sleepover. Since then, they have gone and eloped in Vegas, so I got to hear that whole story of how it came to be and see the pictures and get a good look at the rings on their fingers.

They actually live just outside Vancouver in New Westminster but we made it into the city a few times and I got to meet several of their other friends and walk around Stanley Park, which was much sunnier this time than when I visited two years ago in rainy October, and then, on my last morning there, another friend, Tamara, had to be in town from Abbotsford for a wedding, so she and I met at a park close to Aman & Stephanie’s and she brought me coffee and we strolled around for about an hour, getting to know each other better, since we had only briefly met in March on a friend’s boat on Isla Mujeres, when I was there for one of my many Mexican paperwork trips.

Here are a few things I saw.

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  1. Mary Anne
    Aug 15 2011

    Margaret, I’m pretty sure it is “sockeye” salmon!

    Spent a couple of hours with Hillary and Chris in Austin last week. Fun, and I got to see their new house. I think it is great!

    Can’t wait to hear of your plans after tomorrow. I’ve been enjoying your posts and the wonderful pictures. I will miss them.

    Mary Anne

    • Aug 15 2011

      Oops. I’m pretty sure you’re right. And there was, for the record, a moment of hesitation before I typed that H but, well, I just didn’t check it. Thank you. And thank you also for reading and being so sharp. You’ve been a great editor on this blog : ) and I am going to miss the posts, too. We’ll see what happens. I’m just as eager as you about hearing of my plans. xoxo

  2. Stephanie Cheatley
    Aug 16 2011

    Great shots! Really really enjoyed having you and Rennie. Y’all come back soon. Yes definitely ‘sockeye’ salmon.

    • Aug 16 2011

      Excellent use of the word y’all. We’d love to come back. Thank you.

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