After the trip

I sailed under it one fine evening with my girlfriend.

Hello! You’re standing on old blog ground. I kept it updated for a year, while I dragged my dog across the continent in an old camper (not literally, y’all; he’s just really stubborn), visiting as many Facebook friends as I could. Then the project was over and I’d just burned through a pile of savings, so I plopped down where any artist short on cash would go to nurse a bank account back to health: the San Francisco Bay Area, duh.

And… cue the tumbleweed here. Feel free to poke around at your own pace but first! A more curated view of the writing I’ve done over the years:


Creative Writing


Early journalism

  • I rose early for this story. It was my first piece ever published.
  • Self-scanners, when they were going to take over the world. They still might.
  • And this one got picked up by the national wire.

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